Before you contact us…

Becoming a Freemason isn’t just about being able to say that you are one. There is time, and dedication involved. Below are some of the expectations for any lodge within Calgary, Alberta. If you are unable to meet these, you may wish to wait until you can afford the time to properly reap the full benefits of what it means to be a mason.

    • Attendance. Most lodges hold ten meetings per year. One regular meeting for each month September through June, and four additional “emergent” meetings held in September, November, February, and May. We expect your attendance for no less than the ten regular meetings, and depending on your degree level, at least two of the four emergent meetings which are degrees. You are unable to attend emergent meetings for which you have not acquired the specific degree of the meeting.
    • Patience. Freemasonry isn’t about rushing. It is about learning to become a better man through the assistance of your fellow brethren, and understanding our particular principles and tenents. It will typically take you no less than three years to become a Master Mason.
    • Participation. Masonic lodges have positions that may be held in which you are provided additional responsibility as an officer of the lodge for a term of one year in each role. There is also memory work for degrees which you would be asked to participate in.
    • Volunteering. As a mason, we volunteer our time as a lodge to certain groups. Many lodges volunteer every 18 months at a casino in order to build the required funds to support our charities, and volunteer at the Heritage Park Masonic Lodge for three days every August/September.
    • Visitation. One of the perks of becoming a Freemason, is that you are permitted to visit any recognized Masonic Lodge in the world! While this is not “technically” a requirement, it is strongly encouraged in order to help you along your masonic path.

If the above expectations are within your ability, then please fill out the below form! We will be happy to speak with you!